Al Fares heat exchanger gaskets are used throughout a variety of industries and are specially manufactured for the type of environment they are used in, regarding the varying temperatures and pressures that the gaskets have to handle. Due to the diversity and use of these gaskets, they come in a variety of designs and materials specially suited for their use. The special use of high tensile metal makes these gaskets bear extreme limits of temperature, pressure, and wear, which makes them highly durable. The variety of filters that are used in these gaskets makes them handle sudden temperature and pressure changes very well with little or no possibility of damage. Special designs of these gaskets offer high protection against leakage, and some come with a special fail-safe protection for instances when leakage does occur. Due to the special design, material use and high quality of these Al Fares heat exchanger gaskets, our product line is the best choice for all solutions regardless of the industry they are used in.